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Tiger Iron--Green Dragon - Product Image
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Tiger Iron--Green Dragon   

Price: $85.00 
Green Dragon--Tiger iron is an aggregate gemstone containing layers of golden tigereye, metallic grey hematite and red jasper. Tiger iron is also called mugglestone. It is said to contain the metaphysical properties of its component stones--the grounding power and circulatory affinity of hematite; the healing power and blood-cleansing abilities of red jasper; the energizing power and clarity inducing strength of tiger's eye--as well as being considered powerful in its own right. Tiger iron is believed to be a rare and potent three-fold stone; it grounds energies, protects the spirit and manifests the will. As such, practitioners are wary when pairing it with other stones, lest it supercharge them. Tiger iron is affiliated with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras.

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