CLASSES  for 2019  

     Throughout the year Maureen and Zak offer classes on the metaphysical asspects of Crystals and Stones, Medicinal Usage of Herbs, Metaphysical Herbs, Herbal Aphrodisiacs, and marketing.  In addition, Zak offers personal training in the use of crystals and offers crystal energy work on a one-on-one basis.  Check our calender for the next scheduled class and location.  At this time we're trying to decide if we want to do them.



Questions about the classes?  Ask Zak. 

Maureen:  Maureen has studied the medicinal uses of herbs for over 30 years.  Starting with a course through Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia in the mid 80s up to completing David Winston’s two year course of Herbal Therapeutics in 2010, she brings a strong belief in utilizing herbs as part of a complete health care program.  She is currently the editor and publisher of Herbalpedia (www.herbalpedia.com), an extensive encyclopedia of herbs with profiles of 2750 different plants updated and added to annually; The Bu$iness of Herbs, a trade journal for the herb industry, and The Herbal Green Pages,  a resource guide (http://www.herbalgreenpages.com). These are parts of The Herb Growing and  Marketing Network, an information service for herb businesses and serious hobbyists that  started in 1990. She lectures to groups nationwide on medicinal uses of herbs, the business of  herbs and and marketing. She is also a nationally certified massage therapist, Reiki practitioner, and certified reflexologist.  She maintains the sites www.herbworld.com (commercial) and www.herbnet.com (general interest).

Zak:  Zak has been an entrepreneur and an avid world traveler most of his life.   He has lived in Alaska, Oregon, West Virginia, Pennsylvania,  Colorado, and New York, as well as abroad in Europe.  He has traveled throughout the United States, Europe, China, and Mexico. He possesses a cornucopia of professional and life experience. 
He originally became interested in crystals as a young boy when a Buddist monk presented him with a crystal when visiting a mandala display with his aunt in New York. He became interested in various forms of energy healing in his late teens.  Due to his attraction to crystals he started to utilize them in his own life early.   He has completed both Level I and Level II Melody Crystal Workshops as well as additional requirements to become a TAOMCHI (The Association of Melody Crystal Healers International™) certified Crystologist.

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